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  • For the purpose of applying the tax incentives provided by the organizers of exhibitions or exhibitions of cultural goods and of any other cultural initiative, they may request a statement by the General Manager of the Museums (Service I) for a major cultural or scientific interest in the subject, event.

    Once the relevant Directorate-General has been questioned, the declaration is issued by decree.


  • The State Guarantee supersedes private insurance on cultural property that has been authorized to participate in exhibitions or exhibitions on national or foreign territory.

    Its release “is subject to the insurance of things and property by the applicant, for the value indicated in the application, after verifying its congruity by the Ministry” (Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape Article 48, paragraph 4 ). As explained in the next paragraph of the same Code, the General Directorate of Museums, Service I, resolves the recruitment of the Ministry of the risks to which the goods are exposed: “For exhibitions and demonstrations on national territory promoted by the Ministry or, state participation, public bodies or public institutions, the insurance referred to in paragraph 4 may be replaced by the assumption of the relevant risks by the State. The state guarantee is issued in accordance with the procedures, procedures and conditions set by ministerial decree, heard by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. The corresponding charges are made through the use of the resources available under the reserve fund for mandatory and orderly expenses set up in the expenditure forecast of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.


  • Purchasing to private negotiation

    Anyone who intends to offer for sale to the state his property must apply to the Ministry, Directorate-General for Museums, Service I, through the Institute to which the offer is addressed.

    The Directorate-General for Museums then takes measures after hearing the general director responsible for the matter, and after obtaining the opinion of the competent Technical and Scientific Committee.



    Donations are the cultural assets that are offered as gifts to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism and to be destined for the benefit of the users. The decree of delegation for the conclusion of the contract is issued by the General Manager of Museums, and the aforementioned acquisition contract is exempt from the tax of donation.



    The application fee is applied to cultural objects of particular value or that represent significant additions to the collections of works already present in the same exhibition venue in order to allow them to enjoy public enjoyment.

    The property must be protected by a suitable insurance cover, and the Management shall apply the procedure as far as the concession of the GOffrire is concerned.

    Feel the competent advisory bodies, the Museum Directorate establishes criteria and guidelines for receiving in a comodato or deposited at institutes and places of culture, private property or belonging to public bodies. It also provides, upon request, the necessary technical and administrative support for the preparation of related acts.



    In order to receive mobile goods belonging to the State or subject to state protection for exhibitions and exhibitions in the country or abroad, you must submit your request for authorization to MiBACT at least 4 months before the start of the event.

    Authorization is issued by the Directors of the Regional Museums or by the Directors of Institutes with special autonomy in accordance with procedures and procedures established by ministerial decree, and the General Management Museum gives an opinion on the authorization of the loan.

    It is necessary to distinguish the case of goods belonging to the regional Poles from that of goods belonging to a Museum with special autonomy.

    In the case of a property belonging to a Regional Museum Polo, the authorization for the loan is headed by the Director of the individual Regional Pole (heard, for loans in Italy, the competent Superintendencies, for those abroad, also the General Directorate of Museums ).

    If, instead, the property belongs to an autonomous museum, the authorizing act for the loan of works of art, is headed by the Director of the Museum (after hearing the General Directorate responsible for matters in case of loans for temporary exhibitions on national territory or Directorate General Museums if it is temporary exhibitions abroad).


  • For personal use, study and for the promotion of non-profit cultural heritage, it is possible to photograph cultural works and objects exhibited in state museums without the use of flash, lights, selfie stick, tripods and other media.
    For the same purposes, photographic reproduction and / or image publishing is free of charge, subject to the reimbursement of any material costs incurred by the museum or the Museum of Reproduction.

    For other uses, including commercial ones, you must request authorization and verify the application of a fee or fee set by the tariff issued by the museum or museum to take photographic or video footage and for photographic reproduction and / or publication of images of the state cultural heritage.

    Indicate: the length of the procedure and the tariff and enter the request form for reproductions / publications, application for photographic / video request

    Reference rule:

  • In order to study a work preserved or exhibited in state museums it is necessary to submit the request to the Management of the competent museums. The Management, after hearing the competent Superintendent, will authorize the study of works and materials kept in the museum.

    Indicate: the length of the procedure and the tariff and enter the request form for reproductions / publications, application for photographic / video request

  • The granting of State assets to the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities is governed by the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape. The use of good, evaluated the type of event that is to be realized, may be subject to a fee; however, they are always required to guarantee the protection of the good, to stipulate an insurance policy and a policy of fideiussoria.
    If the use of the space in the workplace – because it is carried out outside the opening hours of the site or for the particularity of the event – the use of staff at the Museum Polo is required, in compliance with the agreements reached at the level of a national bargaining agreement, a guarantee policy to guarantee the payment of the salaries to staff who will engage in third party activities.

    The request must be submitted to the Management Board of the museum museum, the body responsible for issuing the authorization.

    Indicate: the length of the procedure and the tariff and insert modules.

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