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What are the services it offers, the projects that it coordinates and the initiatives that promote the Museum Polo?




Educational services
Stages and internships
Alternative school / work


The specialized library of Art History, established in 1977, collects about 10,000 volumes, including periodicals, of Italian and foreign art. Particularly important has the “Guerricchio” Fund. The library has a general catalog for author and subject both volumes and periodicals. Since 2009 she has been part of the National Library Service, Basilicata Polo, so all the schedules are under computerization; its bibliographic heritage is thus available to a wider user and offers new services, such as local and inter-library loans, aimed at better utilization and enhancement of their resources.

TEL.: 0835/2562508 – 2562544

Head of the Library: Dott.ssa Maria Raffaella Lotito (

Cristina Salomone (
Location: Palazzo Lanfranchi – Piazzetta Pascoli, 1 – 75100 Matera

The library is open to the public on the following days:
MONDAY – FRIDAY: 8.30 – 13.30

To consult the ON-LINE catalog, visit the OPAC BASILICATA


For personal use, study and for the promotion of non-profit cultural heritage, it is possible to photograph cultural works and objects exhibited in state museums without the use of flash, lights, selfie stick, tripods and other media.


The granting of State assets to the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities is governed by the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape.

For more information, see the link to the link: Rules and Modules (Resources)


In addition to organizing exhibitions, cultural events and promotional initiatives, each museum is required to provide the public with the following services to meet the needs of heritage enhancement and cultural promotion:

Access, Reception and Point info
On-site and online ticketing
Guided tours and didactic assistance
Archival material consultation and fruition of scientific activities
Editorial service
Bookshop and e-commerce sales
Cafeteria and catering
As foreseen by art. 115 of the Code of Cultural Heritage, the so-called additional services can be managed directly or indirectly through reliance on individuals.

The cultural services contract does not transfer the entire asset management activity, but only the exercise of some ancillary activities. By granting public cultural service, however, the Administration transfers to the concessionaire the tasks of enhancing and managing the cultural asset.

Between 2009 and 2010, the Ministry has published and updated the so-called Guidelines on Activation and Reliance in Public Services Grant in Institutes of Italian Culture.

The Poli museums take care of the definition of agreements with other public and private bodies for the management of common services for the benefit of visitors.


The Service Quality Charter is the act by which the museum presents itself to the public through a brief description of its identity and mission, its functions and activities; identifies the services, forms, and ways through which users can access them. It therefore serves as a dual feature of museum presentation paper and user rights paper.

The Charter is a communication and information tool that allows users to know the services offered and to verify that their commitments are respected, to express their assessments even through forms of complaint.


On strike days, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism assures minimal use of museums and other places of state culture, in accordance with the agreements defined with the Trade Union Organizations, deemed eligible by the Guarantee Commission for the implementation of Law 182/2015.

In the event of a strike, the use of museums and other places of culture is ensured through the opening of at least 50% of the spaces normally open to the public, or alternatively according to time slots corresponding to 50% of the normal opening hours to the public.

All information and access conditions in case of strike are properly made known through official websites of the museums and museums and by means of alerts in the places concerned. Since there may be unpredictable variations during the strike, museum visitors are advised to consult the information channels indicated before making a visit



Set up in 2014 to sustain sponsorship in favour of cultural heritage, the Art Bonus is an Italian tax credit for liberal cash donations in support of culture and the arts. Thanks to the Art Bonus, those who make liberal cash donations to support culture enjoy tax benefits in the form of tax credits in Italy.

What does it involve

65% tax credit for donations in favour of:

  • maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural heritage;
  • museums, archaeological sites and public libraries;
  • public theatres and symphonic lyrical foundations.

This credit is divided into three equal annual shares (it can be offset by companies), and is acknowledged to:

  • physical persons and non-commercial organisations, with a limit of 15% of their taxable income;
  • those with business income, with a limit of 5 per thousand of their annual revenues.


  • Legislation: art. 1 of Decree-Law no. 83, dated 31 May 2014, “Urgent provisions for the defence of cultural heritage, development of culture and relaunch of tourism”, converted with amendments into Law no. 106, dated 29 July 2014, and subsequent amendments.
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